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VOLTA YOGA is two friendly, bright and spacious Yoga shalas in the center of St. Johann (near Novartis Campus and Voltaplatz) and the city near Aeschenplatz. A bunch of well trained, warm-hearted and motivated yoga teachers will be happy to have you in class! 

Drop-In, no obligation

You can join any of our regular Yoga classes without registration. There is no obliagtion to become a member or buy an abo.



We offer Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and meditation. Additionally there are various worlshops (see aktuell) for which you have to register in advance.


Our classes are taught in German or English. Classes in English are marked with an E on the schedule.


We offer classes almost all day through and every day of the week! Some examples: Slow Vinyasa classes are suitable for beginners and people who like the slow pace and longer hold of poses. Nonetheless those classes can be physically and mentally challenging. Slow Vinyasa is focused, strenghtening and - as the name says- rather slow, to get a deeper sense of the poses. Vinyasa is fluent and the connection of movement and breath becomes more important. In Hatha the asanas are practiced with a special focus on the alignment in the pose. Yin Yoga is a very quiet and soft Yoga-style where we are trying to relax, let go and dive deep into our tissues and our mind. More detailed information (in German) you find here: Kurse

Schedule: here 



1= All levels, suitable for beginners

1-2= All levels, some experience recommended

2 & 2-3= Intermediate/advanced, experience required (about 6-12 months regular practice)

Prices drop- in

60 mins = 20 Fr. / 15 Fr. reduced

75 mins = 25 Fr. / 20 Fr. reduced

90 mins = 30 Fr. / 25 Fr. reduced

Membership and abos

Abo: 200 Fr. / 150 Fr. reduced


1 week: 60 Fr. / 50 Fr. reduced

1 month: 190 Fr. / 140 Fr. reduced

3 months: 510 Fr. / 360 Fr. reduced

6 months: 890 Fr. / 640 Fr. reduced

12 months: 1’520 Fr. / 1’180 Fr. reduced

1 and 3 months Memberships can be suspended once for at least 7 days (holiday or business travels) AND this has to be announced before the break.



Anya and Nico founded Volta Yoga in spring 2016 and teach regular classes in the studio. Our team consists of around 10 well trained, friendly and inspired Yoga teachers. Read more about us here.


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Questions? Feel free to ask anytime: 

(078 741 02 76)

See you on the mat :). Namasté

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